Our company, MX Properties, Inc, first came into contact with Carmen De Souza a Lisbon Portugal lawyer via its consultant, Mr John S Diak. For approximately 16 months, Mr Diak had been working on a funding package for MX Properties and its interests. In mid November 2016, MX finally felt that its funding was close at hand when Mr Diak contacted MX to inform that all issues related to the transaction had been resolved and our company's funds would finally be released. While this news elated MX Properties, Mr John  Diak quickly informed us that the attorney in the transaction, Carmen De Souza, was demanding $11000 from MX Properties to complete the transaction for its funds to be released.

After funding a great amount of money to instrument trading programs over the last 16 months, MX was naturally very cynical about wiring an additional $11000 for a transaction that should have been completed 6-8 months ago. After arguing with Mr Diak over this point, MX asked for written confirmation that its funds would in fact be released ASAP once it paid the $11000. So on 16/11/2016, MX Properties was sent a letter that was addressed to Mr John S Diak that in essence stated that as soon as MX paid the $11000 for payment of "fees", its funds would be released "IMMEDIATELY". This letter from attorney De Souza gave MX great comfort as it came from an officer of the court. Within two days, MX wired the $11000 as required in Ms De Souza's inducement / demand letter. Carmen de Souza followed up with one more letter dated 18/11/2016 that clearly stated that "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the payments".

Following both the inducement letter and confirmation letter from attorney Carmen De Souza, MX Properties, Inc patiently waited a few days for its "IMMEDIATE" funding. Those few days came and went and MX Properties received NOTHING. Very soon MX began attempting to contact Carmen De Souza to ascertain the status of what we were led to believe was a completed transaction. Frustratingly, attorney De Souza would never respond to any of MX Properties' communication efforts. These few days became weeks which in turn become months. We stand now almost SEVEN weeks later since Ms De Souza used the word "IMMEDIATE" in her letter in regards to  closing of the transaction. This is a clear issue of Fraud in the Inducement by Attorney De Souza.

We respectfully call up Carmen De Souza to act in good faith as did MX Properties and ensure that this transaction is completed "IMMEDIATELY"

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